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Welcome! In our club you can witness and help forming the partnerships of the city of Weiden.

Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden


Weiden City Partnerships


The former mining city of Annaberg-Buchholz is beautifully located in the heart of the “silver“ mountains of the Erzgebirge. It is the birth place of the famous German mathematician Adam Ries. Here, tradition and innovation, history and modern comforts form a wonderful symbiosis. The city is the county seat of Erzgebirg County. A broad variety of businesses ranging from tool making to the metalworking and car industries to food production characterizes the local economy. With its quaint Old Town, four mines that are open to visitor, three museums, the famous St. Annen Church, the mountain church St. Marien and the beautiful landscape surrounding it, it offers a lot of sights to see. The Carving – and Lace-Making Days, the Monastery Fest and the Farmer’s Market as well the as the Annaberg KÄT, a large volksfest, attract guests from near and far. The Eduard-von-Winterstein-Theater and the works of Carlfriedrich Claus are of cultural importance. Holiday mining traditions, candle arches and pyramids as well as atmospherically illuminated streets and squares make the „Christmas Country Erzgebirge“ come alive. The local highlights are the Annaberg Christmas Market and the large mountain parade on the fourth Sunday of Advent.

Beauftragte(r) für die Partnerschaft Website
Hans-Jürgen Rudnik http://www.annaberg-buchholz.de