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Welcome! In our club you can witness and help forming the partnerships of the city of Weiden.

Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden


Info booth at the Stadtmarketing Weiden festival with all partnerships

21.09.2019 | -

Around Weiden s old Townhall

92637 Weiden

Partnership trip to the US-Army Garrison Bavaria

01.10.2019 | -

Troop training ground Grafenwöhr

- Grafenwöhr

Weiden City Partnerships


The city of Issy-les-Moulineaux is located on the banks of the river Seine in the southwestern part of Paris. It was officially mentioned for the first time in 558 as the property of Benedictine monks in a deed of ownership. In the 17th Century it was the resort of many important aristocrats. During that time, the Saint Sulpice seminary was founded which still exists today. The city grew to its current size during the Industrial Revolution and the resulting population increase. It is located close to Paris‘ 15th Arrondissement (city section) known as Porte de Versailles and connected to the capital by a modern streetcar line and underground route No. 12. That is also the reason why Issy is home to many well-known companies and to the headquarters of the most important telecommunication firms. It can therefore be called a “city of telecommunication and new technologies.“ In 2006, more than e 60,000 residents called Issy their home.

Beauftragte(r) für die Partnerschaft Website
Konrad Merk http://www.issy.com