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Welcome! In our club you can witness and help forming the partnerships of the city of Weiden.

Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden


Weiden City Partnerships


In 1797, when General Napoleon Bonaparte came to Macerata, he was so impressed by the city’s beauty that he wrote an enthusiastic letter to his wife. The small province capital is located between the Apennine Mountains and the blue Adriatic Sea, which you can sometimes see from afar, and stretches in a royal manner across its hills. Mansions which were built with great care by skillful hands, churches of a unique historic variety, squares which nestle against the sloping hills, and a century-long tradition of preserving cultural traditions. Macerata in the Marches was built between two river valleys – the Potenza to the North and the Cienti to the South. The Old Town is located on a hill, 1030 feet above sea level. It is surrounded by a city wall which for the most part was built in the 14th century. While the city’s economy in the past was mainly based on agriculture, it is based on trade, sales, services and cultural events today. The university and the academy of arts are an important part of the city.

Beauftragte(r) für die Partnerschaft Website
Norbert Wittmann http://www.comune.macerata.it