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Welcome! In our club you can witness and help forming the partnerships of the city of Weiden.

Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden


Info booth at the Stadtmarketing Weiden festival with all partnerships

21.09.2019 | -

Around Weiden s old Townhall

92637 Weiden

Partnership trip to the US-Army Garrison Bavaria

01.10.2019 | -

Troop training ground Grafenwöhr

- Grafenwöhr


Heimatkreisverein Tachau e.V.

Already in the year 1956 the city of Weiden signed a partnership with the district of Tachau in South Egerland (West Bohemia) for the displaced population. Since then the city of Weiden arranges a home meeting involving a few hundred people from all over Germany every second year. As a former hometown for the citizens of the district of Tachau the Tachau home museum is also located in Weiden’s pedestrian zone. Besides some special exhibitions several precious exhibits dealing with everyday life, work, culture and arts as well as flight and displacement is shown permanently there. Also a reference library, a photo archive and a little collection of historical documents concerning the district Tauchau’s history is provided for historically interested parties from Germany and the Czech Republic. Due to the variety of the Heimatkreisverein Tauchau e.V.‘s activities, plays an established role in the cultural life of the city of Weiden.

Beauftragte(r) für die Patenschaft Website
Dr. Sebastian Schott http://www.tachau.de