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Welcome! In our club you can witness and help forming the partnerships of the city of Weiden.

Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden Wappen Stadt Weiden


Info booth at the Stadtmarketing Weiden festival with all partnerships

21.09.2019 | -

Around Weiden s old Townhall

92637 Weiden

Partnership trip to the US-Army Garrison Bavaria

01.10.2019 | -

Troop training ground Grafenwöhr

- Grafenwöhr


Weidener Hütte

Today’s “Weiden Huette“’s history in the Tux Alps in the heart of Tirol started 80 years ago. 1927 the alp guest house “Zur Nafing” passed into the German Alpenverein’s ownership. It was renamed as “Weidener Huette” Pentecost 1960, after renovation and induction. The Partnership between the city of Weiden and the Weiden section of the Alpenverein exists since November 2009. With the exception of the months of May and November the guest house is open year-round. Until the year 2008 it was modernized and expanded to provide visitors the best environment for residence, sleeping and sanitary purposes accompanied by the best service possible. Overall 57 beds are available for hikers, mountain bikers, snowshoeers and other guests. Internet: www.weidenerhuette.at or www.dav-weiden.de

Beauftragte(r) für die Patenschaft Website
Joachim Strehl http://www.weidener-huette.de